Music is a great way to convey emotions and set the mood for your audience. It helps set the tone of your photos and videos. It’s also a smart way to attract people to your website or social media platform.

This year, Instagram has become stricter in its rules for incorporating music into your content. If you use music in any of your posts, you are risking your content to be removed.

Instagram has warned some of its users that they are making potential violations of music copyright laws. A common factor is the length of the music you use.

In the event you receive a warning from Instagram, make sure you respond ASAP and prove to them that you have permission to share the music you used with your media content. If not, Instagram will remove it, and you will have to appeal to them to get it posted again.

If you want to avoid your content being removed, check the copyright requirements. For assistance in managing your social media content and specifications, you can always approach the Sales Hub team.