What is mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing is one of Google’s efforts to make websites easier to access using smartphones, all while still analyzing consumer behavior and trends. There will be an increase in traffic coming from smartphones. This will become Google’s basis for its index and rankings.

Does my website need a mobile version?

Desktop websites have been the priority of SEOs and marketers because you can add all the content you need, and it also provides all the best tools you need.

There’s no need to make an alternative version or change your website. Your content can still be indexed from smartphones. But aesthetically, it might not be as pleasing and user-friendly compared to your desktop version. Overall, this could badly affect your ranking.

Having a separate version for your website takes more effort, but it can guarantee a seamless process to generate more leads.

For your website to work well with mobile-first indexing, make sure that your content, metadata, and structured data are identical.

We should be able to move quickly as the digital world evolves in a short period. If you need help with Google’s new update, or if your ranking has dropped, contact our internet marketing experts so we can assist you.