Website Optimization

Website Optimization

What can I do to increase leads through my website?

Website optimization is key in attracting humans and search engines. These are the two types of users that will give you sales leads. Website optimization integrates your SEO strategy to your web design.

How will technical best practices optimize my website’s performance?

Technical best practices for your SEO strategy will help you keep up with the changing trends and search engine behavior. This makes sure that people with search engine queries will be led to you.

If you already have a website, we can evaluate it for any improvements.

Which technical tools does Sales Hub use?

We know our clients are using their customer management platform. We can incorporate, Infusion, and Hubspot into your website. To measure and enhance our client’s websites, we use and Lighthouse. To optimize your website by using your audience’s behavior patterns, we can incorporate Google Analytics, VWO, and Mouseflow.

What are the visual best practices for humans and search engines?

Here at Sales Hub, we make sure that the website has these design best practices:

  • Color scheme
  • Suitable image quality and size and text size
  • Proper use of contrasting elements

To create visually appealing websites, we collaborate with UI and UX designers that can advise on your website needs.

What is my website’s ranking?

We can evaluate your current website’s performance and give feedback. We can also report on your rank on search engines and analyze your content.

Would you like to know how well you’re doing compared to your competition? Call our team to get an evaluation!

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