What are Lead Form Extensions?

Lead Form Extensions are the newest tools you can use from Google Ads. It lets people submit a form of their information through your ad. You will be able to download their response and even manage their details. You can even have the information go straight to your CRM.

What are the pros and cons?

Since Lead Form Extensions are new, here are the pros and cons that come with them:

  • Increase your leads
  • Improve your market reach and customer engagement
  • Following up leads can be difficult
  • You need to set up a webhook integration
  • They’re still in the testing phase

How to Utilize Lead Form Extensions

Setting up a webhook integration is the best way to manage your leads by using Lead Form Extensions. By using a different URL, you can send information from one app to another. You can find how to set up a webhook integration from the Google Ads page.

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