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10-Step Process to Evaluating Your Sales Compensation Plan

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10-Step-Process-to-Evaluating-Your-Sales-Compensation-Plan.pngThe way your salespeople work largely depends on how they’re paid. As a business owner, you’ve likely wondered, “Am I paying my salespeople right?” Since your salespeople have a direct impact on your revenue, it’s crucial that your plan properly rewards them and maximizes your company’s profits.

A good plan will help you drive sales objectives and attract and retain top talent. But designing and implementing your sales compensation plan is only the beginning.

To ensure your plan remains effective as your business evolves, you need to perform ongoing evaluation. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask when evaluating your sales compensation plan.

In this checklist, we take a look at:

  • Making your plan competitive in today’s talent market
  • Aligning your plan metrics to your business strategy
  • Encouraging desired behaviours
  • And more

Download this checklist to learn how to effectively evaluate your sales compensation plan.

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