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Overhauling your sales organization to focus on inbound marketing rather than unsuccessful interruptive, outbound sales and marketing is a smart choice. If done properly, it will allow you to sustainably grow your business and allow you to close more sales, leading to higher profits. But implementing inbound can also take its toll on your sales team. You spend so much time and money on your marketing strategy and your marketers that you might forget about your most critical department. This can have a negative effect on your sales people.

To get the help you need with your inbound marketing strategy as well as your sales team, you should partner with an inbound agency that understands sales. Here’s why.

1. Generating Leads Isn’t Enough: You Need to Create Closers

You may have trained your marketing team to effectively generate leads using inbound marketing, but this isn’t enough. A full pipeline of leads isn’t going to result in increased sales if you can’t close them into customers. And that’s why your sales people are even more important to your company now.

If your reps aren’t good inbound sellers or closers—if they don’t know the right inbound selling best practices, approaches, and strategies, they might have a tough time closing inbound customers. They might use aggressive outbound selling techniques in order to try to make sales. But with inbound, this isn’t effective. It’ll only drive away potential customers and hurt your business through a bad reputation.

Your sales reps are still a critical part of your strategy, even though you’ve switched to inbound marketing. And you need to be able to provide them the guidance and support they need to become inbound superstars. An inbound agency that understands sales can put the focus back on your sales team and give them the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

You’ll be able to maximize your sales team’s potential and accelerate you reps’ performance.

2. Don’t Lose Your Top Reps: Reducing Sales Turnover

If your sales people don’t know what they’re supposed to be doing—if they don’t get the proper training to switch their selling style to inbound—they’re going to get demoralized, frustrated, and angry. The same is true if they don’t understand that inbound marketing is a long game—it doesn’t come with quick and easy wins. They’re going to feel ineffective in their new role as inbound sellers. And they’re going to quit if they can’t make sales. And as you know, high turnover leads to loss of knowledge, increased costs, wasted time, and other consequences.

By partnering with an inbound marketing agency that understands sales, you can set your sales people up for success. The agency will offer ongoing sales enablement to empower your reps to make more sales, and thus, feel more confident as inbound sellers. Once they start making sales and realizing how much easier and efficient it is to do so with inbound marketing, they’ll stick around for the long run. They’ll see the potential for increased sales in the future, and they won’t want to jump ship once they realize how many sales they can end up making down the line.

3. Investing in Your Reps: A Recipe for Company Success

When your sales people are properly trained, have the support they need, and have the confidence they require to boost performance, you benefit from better results. Investing in your reps is the same thing as investing in your sales organization. You’ll reap the benefits. You’ll enjoy higher revenue and increased profitability. You’ll enjoy a higher ROI. You’ll benefit from cost savings through reduced turnover. When you invest in your reps, you win, too. Partnering with the right inbound marketing agency, one that understands sales, can not only strengthen your new inbound strategy, but also ensure that you get the best results possible from it through sales coaching.

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