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Posted by: Matthew Cook




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SEO (search engine optimization) is a strategy that every company should deploy for their online marketing. By optimizing your website and all of your content, you’ll increase the ranking of your website, thereby attract more visitors. However, it takes a lot of resources to optimize your website. Not only do you have to do research on the keywords you are going to use, it’s also a process that is continuous. Because of this, many companies look to hire an SEO company to do the heavy lifting for them. While there are a lot of benefits to doing this, you shouldn’t try to cut corners when it comes to costs. Hiring a reputable company to implement a high quality SEO strategy is worth the money. Hiring a company that offers cheap SEO packages is not. The following are 3 reasons why you should stay away from cheap SEO packages:

1. They will focus on search engines and not people 

Companies that offer cheap SEO packages will focus solely on search engine rankings. Guess what? Your search engine ranking isn’t going to matter much if the content on your website is poor. Yes, they may boost your ranking, which in turn will send more web traffic your way. However, visitors are going to take one look at the content before hitting the back button and never returning. There’s no point in increasing web traffic if it’s not resulting in conversions. SEO companies that offer cheap services will often churn out content that’s stuffed with keywords simply so that it will be picked up by search engine algorithms. They aren’t worried about the human element – they are focused solely on improving your ranking. Creating high quality content is actually an important part of your online marketing, since it can help you to obtain a stronger social following, provide more brand visibility, create a bigger fan base, improve your conversion rate and improve your organic search rankings. But the content needs to be helpful and informative for readers for this to occur, and this is something you won’t get with a cheap SEO package.

2. Their packages are of low quality

When looking at cheap SEO packages offered by SEO companies, you’ll often find different tiers. For example, they may offer a “gold package” that contains a certain number of pages on-site optimization, a certain number of social bookmarks, a certain number of directory submissions, a certain number of article submissions and more. Then they may have a “silver package” which contains a smaller number of these things at a cheaper price. You may think you are getting a lot for your money, but don’t be fooled by these numbers. First, packages such as these are cookie cutter. They’ll do practically the same thing for every company they work with. This is a problem because every company is different and unique, and every company tends to have different needs. For example, a brand new website should build its links gradually instead of all at once. The things they are offering in these packages are assembly line stuff, which means it’s going to be very low in quality.

3. Using cheap SEO packages can actually hurt you

Companies that offer cheap SEO packages will take every short cut they can to improve your ranking. Unfortunately, you’ll be punished for this as search engines update their algorithms. Search engines want high quality websites that are useful to users, not websites stuffed with keywords built for the sole purpose of increasing its ranking. This means that you can be penalized by search engines, thereby hurting your ranking. Additionally, because you’ll have a history of low quality back links and content, actual reputable SEO companies may not want to work with you.

These are 3 reasons that you should avoid purchasing cheap SEO packages.