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3 Ways That Blogging Increases Sales

3-Ways-That-Blogging-Increases-SalesIn order to succeed in today's competitive market, it is critical that you are blogging effectively. If you don't already have one, you need to create a company blog and embrace content marketing. Blogging gives you the opportunity to increase your visibility, attract relevant buyers, educate your prospects, offer value, gain trust and credibility, and stand out next to the competition. Here are three ways that blogging can increase sales.

1. Drive relevant traffic to your website.

Inbound marketing is all about driving the right traffic to your website using content. Write about relevant topics, incorporate searchable keywords in blog titles and posts, and share new posts on various social media platforms. Be sure to generate and share new content regularly and consistently. If you don't have time to write great content, outsource this task. Encourage your employees to get involved. Hire a freelance writer to handle content generation. Engage an inbound marketing specialist to handle all of your inbound marketing needs, including your blogging. A specialist understands the importance of keyword density and effective blog title structure, and can guarantee results.

Blogging will also help improve your search engine rankings. Search engine optimization specialists will tell you that ongoing unique content creation is necessary in order to maintain high search engine rankings. Start blogging to increase your visibility, drive relevant traffic to your website, and increase sales.

2. Establish your company as an industry leader.

Valuable content will impress buyers, educate them about your products/services, and set you apart from the competition. Encourage your sales team to use social media to share company blog posts to further extend your reach. By sharing insights, ideas, and information, your company and your sales reps will soon be thought of as industry experts and thought leaders. Gain trust and credibility by blogging about relevant topics regularly. Instead of having your sales reps wasting their valuable time convincing buyers that your company is skilled, knowledgeable, and capable, take advantage of blogging. Once a relevant buyer finds your website, he or she can read the interesting content you've shared and will understand that your company is the real deal. It will be evident that your sales professionals are experts in the industry. Start blogging to demonstrate your thought leadership and increase sales.

3. Shorten the sales cycle.

By sharing informative blog posts online for interested buyers to read on their own time, you are inviting them to start the buying cycle on their own. Provide buyers with useful materials so they can educate themselves and learn about the value of your products/services without the traditional, persistent sales rep. Nowadays, consumers want to do their own research and come to their own conclusions about companies, products, and services. By the time prospects are ready to speak to one of your sales professionals, they will already be 60% through the buying cycle, ready to move toward the decision to buy.

Instead of wasting time making dead-end cold calls, integrate inbound marketing, drive relevant buyers to you, and increase qualified sales leads. Blogging can be an effective communication tool for interested buyers. Create and share valuable content to pique their interest so they'll have a reason to keep coming back for more, and ultimately, buy. Maintain a company blog to shorten the buying cycle and increase sales.

Blogging is a necessary aspect of inbound marketing today. It is imperative that your company is sharing fresh, new content on a regular basis. This valuable content should be shared via popular social media channels and to your email subscribers. Effective blogging will drive relevant traffic to your website, establish your company as an industry leader, and shorten the sales cycle. If you're not sure how to get started, get in touch with an inbound marketing specialist. Start blogging today to increase sales.

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Brandon Moore

Brandon is the Web & Digital Director at SalesHub. He is accountable for the strategic planning, development, testing, and management of websites and other digital assets for clients. Brandon has over 6 years of experience in online marketing and is certified in SEO, Inbound Marketing and Hubspot.

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