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When you implement inbound marketing, you overhaul your entire sales and marketing departments. It can be difficult for your sales people and marketers to get accustomed to the new way of doing things. Two separate teams now become intertwined. Old strategies go out the window, new methods need to be learned and utilized. It can be a shock to your team.

It’s important to offer your sales people and marketers the support they need to get off on the right foot. And the best way to do so is to partner with an inbound marketing agency that provides sales enablement.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from such a partnership.

1. Help with Your Inbound Strategy

Starting an inbound strategy can be a bumpy road. You’re not yet familiar with the trends, concepts, best practices, and do’s and don’ts. You’re not really sure what works and what doesn’t.

When you partner with an inbound agency, you’ll get the help you need to ensure that your strategy is working effectively. You’ll get the advice you need to build a strategy that works for your industry, your unique company, your products or services, and your audience. This will help you realize ROI much quicker.

2. Get Your Sales People on Board

Though an inbound agency can help with strategy, partnering with one that specifically provides sales enablement as well can go one step further, by helping your sales people too. Your sales team might push back against the change. Your reps might feel like they’re being replaced.

An agency that offers sales enablement can make the transition smoother for your sales team, getting all of your reps on board. Your sales coach will be able to explain exactly how inbound marketing will benefit your sales people—that they won’t have to chase down leads or cold call anymore, that they’ll get higher quality leads that will lead to higher sales, that the sales cycle will be shortened, and that they’ll get sustainable lead flow.

Getting your sales team on board from the beginning can ensure that everyone is happy with the changes you make, and thus, are more productive.

3. Better Alignment between Sales and Marketing

Your sales people are used to being lone wolves. By implementing inbound marketing, you’re forcing them to now collaborate with marketing, which can be a huge change for them. Both teams must work together for you to see the best results. An inbound agency that offers sales enablement can help make sure the alignment between sales and marketing is more effective. A sales coach can offer tips about how to properly communicate with marketing to get results and make your sales people see how helping the marketers will, in turn, help them through better lead generation and conversion. 

4. CRM Help

As part of your new strategy, you likely adopted HubSpot CRM for your sales team. Though easy to use, it can be difficult to understand exactly what all the features do and how they can be used. Your sales people might not want to use your new system due to this. An inbound marketing agency that is a certified HubSpot partner, in particular, can offer you the help and support your sales people need to get used to using CRM.

5. Inbound Selling Techniques

If your sales people are only used to using outbound selling techniques, inbound can be difficult to grasp. They might not understand social selling. They might not know what thought leadership is. They might not know how to be customer-centric. They might still use aggressive techniques rather than focusing on the customers’ needs.

An inbound agency that offers sales enablement can provide ongoing coaching and provide inbound selling techniques and best practices, so your sales people can make more sales.

What Is Sales Enablement?