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7 Inbound Marketing Trends We're Excited for in 2016

7_Inbound_Marketing_Trends_Were_Excited_for_in_2016.jpgLast year, we saw a lot of big changes in inbound marketing as more companies started to adopt the approach and more consumers started demanding more quality content. But things are only going to get better in 2016. These inbound marketing trends are going to make your strategy even more effective and efficient.

Here are the inbound marketing trends we’re especially excited about this year.

1. More Data!

Data is key to effective inbound marketing. Advancements in tracking, applications, and technology are now offering marketers even more ways to get customer data. For example, wearable technology is going to offer an upsurge in bug data, with location information helping marketers to more accurately target audiences based on where they live, work, and play. These new advancements will help to create more personalized experiences and keep track of results and ROI, so both businesses and customers will benefit.

2. Everything Mobile

With Google’s new algorithm that came out in 2015 penalizing websites that aren’t mobile optimized, it’s clear that mobile is only going to become an even bigger trend this year. The amount of mobile traffic now surpasses traffic from desktops and tablets. But optimizing your website, landing pages, emails, and other content for data is only the beginning. We expect brands will now start to create their own apps and mobile ads to target these mobile customers.

3. Videos for Everyone

Not everyone wants to read content. To effectively reach your audience, you have to give consumers different methods of viewing your content. Using video to share your content and adding video ads to your repertoire can put you ahead of your competitors in 2016.

4. Relationship Marketing after the Sale

Many businesses lose out on the potential for creating loyal brand ambassadors by ignoring their new customers after the sale. The best marketers know that you need to spend as much time building relationships with new customers as you do with prospects. And we expect for more companies to catch on to this trend in 2016. Helping your customers feel a greater connection to your brand can help you create life-long relationships that everyone benefits from.

5. More Automation

The value of marketing automation cannot be understated. Make 2016 the year you become more efficient by streamlining your marketing processes through automation. Using the right CRM and automation software can help you to boost productivity. This means that your marketers will be spending less time posting, reviewing, analyzing, and tracking, and more time engaging prospects and creating content.

6. Increased Engagement through User-Generated Content

Allowing your customers to generate content for your brand can have huge benefits. Having them submit stories, testimonials, business reviews, and photos can not only increase your customer engagement, but also drive traffic and increase trust and credibility with prospects. Expect to see more user-generated content this year.

7. Micro-Targeting and Hyper-Segmentation

All inbound marketers know that generic content doesn’t work. To effectively meet your customers’ needs, you need to get personal. And in 2016, we expect things to get real personal with micro-targeting and hyper-segmentation. Using consumer data to share your messaging to the right people at the right time is becoming one of the best ways to target niche audiences and capture the attention and interest of consumers.

Want to create an even more powerful inbound marketing strategy in 2016? Then keep these seven inbound marketing trends in mind. The more up to date you are, the better chance you have of staying ahead of the pack, being innovative, and seeing real results from your efforts. The trends will only get more popular, so jump on board now to get an edge, before everyone’s doing it too.

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Tyler Abbott

Tyler is the Social Media Manager at SalesHub. He has over 3 years of experiential marketing experience which he applies creatively to social media campaigns. He is Hubspot Certified & Inbound Certified. Tyler likes to stay active at the golf course, gym or hockey arena. If you can't find him there, he is most likely eating something doused in hot sauce watching his Toronto Maple Leafs make a run for the playoffs.

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