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7 Ways Inbound Marketing Will Improve Your Sales Process

7_Ways_Inbound_Marketing_Will_Improve_Your_Sales_Process.jpgInbound marketing has clear benefits to the marketing department, offering a great ROI. But many businesses haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet because they don’t have the buy-in from their sales team. Sales reps often resist this drastic but important change, and often it’s simply because they do not know how inbound will improve the sales process and make their jobs easier.

In fact, implementing inbound marketing is the best thing you can do to increase sales performance and boost revenue. Here’s why.

1. Leads! Leads Everywhere!

There’s no doubt that cold calling and prospecting is difficult for sales people. Bothering people that just aren’t interested in buying what their selling isn’t an effective way to close deals. Implementing inbound is the most effective way of getting leads to come to you, instead of having to chase them down.

By creating and distributing quality content, focusing on the buyer’s journey, and giving prospects what they want and need in terms of content, marketers can generate web traffic, which can then be converted into leads that can be eventually passed on to the sales team. With inbound, there will no longer be a need for cold calling, interruptive sales tactics, and chasing down prospects, giving the sales process the boost it needs.

2. Qualified, Sales-Ready Leads

With inbound marketing, marketers can use analytics and predictive lead scoring to qualify the leads that are coming in. By using big data, they can qualify leads based on internal and external intelligence to determine whether or not leads are ready to buy or not. That means that sales people won’t be wasting their time trying to sell to people who won’t buy.

3. Shorter Sales Cycle

The longer the sales cycle, the longer it takes for sales people to close deals, which means less money. Inbound marketing can shorter the sales cycle, particularly through lead nurturing. By offering leads quality, tailored content based on their needs, wants, and pain points, they can effectively move them down the sales funnel. With all of the information they need to be ready to buy, leads will turn into customers more quickly, so the sales team can close more deals in less time.

4. Prospect Intelligence 

Knowing more about prospects and exactly where they are in the sales cycle can help sales people have more meaningful and relevant conversations with them. With inbound marketing, you can arm your sales team with all of the data they need to close deals more effectively.

5. Consistent Sales Process

In order for your sales people to consistently meet their sales targets, they need a consistent sales process, which inbound marketing can offer. With an effective inbound marketing plan, you can create a sales process that works each and every time, instead of letting your sales people use a hit-or-miss approach, changing their methods with every prospect.

6. Delighting Customers after the Sale

The sale process shouldn’t end once a deal is closed. These current customers are likely to continue to buy from you, and even become brand ambassadors, if you spend the time and effort needed to delight them after the sale. And inbound marketing does just that. With inbound, nurturing communications continue long after the sale, to create top-of-mind awareness, to show customers that they are valued, and to build long-lasting relationships that will lead to more sales.

7. Simplifying the Sales Process

With inbound, the sales process is simplified. The marketers are already answering prospects’ questions, solving their problems, and giving them the information they need to be more informed about their future purchases. Plus marketers are continuously paving the way for sales people by gaining trust and boosting credibility, so the sales team has less work to do once the leads come their way.

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Matthew Cook

Matthew has over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. In addition to being the founder of SalesHub, he is the founder of SalesForce Search, which was #4 on Profit Magazine's Hot 50 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. When he’s not helping companies improve their revenue he trains and competes in half ironman distance triathlons to “relax”.

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