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Benefits of Engaging an Inbound Agency That Provides Sales Consulting

Benefits_of_Engaging_an_Inbound_Agency_That_Provides_Sales_Consulting.jpgSales and marketing used to be completely separate departments. They worked alone. They didn’t necessarily need to communicate or collaborate. But with the rise of inbound marketing, these two departments have become closer than ever. They’re connected. They rely on each other for their success. They must work together in order to generate leads, convert customers, and close deals.

Your sales and marketing teams are now intertwined because inbound marketing and sales go hand in hand. And that’s why you should work with an inbound agency that provides sales consulting.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll receive from this new partnership.

1. Smooth the Transition

Many sales people who have only known one way to sell might push back to the integration of inbound marketing. After all, they have to completely alter their selling method. An inbound agency that provides sales consulting can help you get your sales people on board. Sales consultants can help them understand that inbound marketing can enable them to make more sales with sustainable lead flow, a shorter sales cycle, greater lead quality, and access to prospect intelligence.

When everyone’s on board, you can have a smoother transition to inbound.

2. Better Collaboration for Better Results

It can be quite a shock to your organization when you integrate inbound marketing. Your entire sales process changes and this affects a lot of people. And your sales and marketing departments, which aren’t used to working together, are now forced to collaborate thoroughly. An inbound agency that provides sales consulting can not only help you to implement an effective inbound marketing strategy that will bring in online leads, but will help your sales people better understand their new role in the marketing process.

Sales consultants can help your sales people understand exactly how to work together with marketing and what type of information they should be sharing, what input they should be offering, and what recommendations they should be offering your marketers to ensure the success of your inbound strategy.

3. Help with CRM

Using a customer relationship management (CRM) system like HubSpot can allow you to drive efficiencies, streamline processes, reduce wasted time, and see greater results. However, it can be complicated to use. Your sales people could get frustrated with the new process. They could have questions and concerns.

When you engage an inbound agency that offers sales consulting, your sales people can get the help they need to become experts in their CRM, which means they’ll be less hesitant to use it and they’ll be able to utilize it to its full potential.

4. Changing Selling Style

When all your sales people have ever known is traditional selling, it can be a big change to switch to inbound. They cannot continue to use the same tactics and techniques that they used to use, or you’ll just end up losing out on great opportunities. Your sales people need to learn to stop being aggressive and pushy and to help customers on their purchasing journey. They need to learn social selling to get new customers. They need to learn how to position themselves as thought leaders. They need to understand the new sales process and how it has changed the way they must now sell in order to see success. They need to learn to guide—not sell.

An inbound agency that offers sales consulting can help your sales people change their selling style by offering advice and providing education on new online sales tactics.

Inbound marketing doesn’t replace sales people, it gives them the leads and the tools they need to increase their sales performance and close more deals. When you work with an inbound agency that provides sales consulting, you’ll be able to effectively meld inbound and sales in order to see better results. 

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Matthew Cook

Matthew has over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. In addition to being the founder of SalesHub, he is the founder of SalesForce Search, which was #4 on Profit Magazine's Hot 50 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. When he’s not helping companies improve their revenue he trains and competes in half ironman distance triathlons to “relax”.

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