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The number of qualified sales leads that your company generates can take your overall sales and revenue growth to the next level. Finding effective ways to attract these leads, however, can be confounding.

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to create general sales leads is with an optimized website. This, however, does not go far enough. Studies have shown that only 25 percent of all sales leads are legitimate enough to lead to actual sales; this means that your company is wasting 75 percent of its website marketing efforts on attracting people who have either no intention to or capability of buying your product(s). In order to generate qualified sales leads, you must optimize your website to do just that.

Here are three invaluable best practices to add some quality to your website's traffic volume:

1. Figure out exactly who is buying

People often get so caught up in driving their website traffic numbers up that they forget that the end goal of this endeavor is to generate sales leads. A little market research can go a long way towards generating qualified sales leads, because just like any other facet of your company's marketing plan, you need to get the right people's attention--you wouldn't target children in a marketing campaign for an R-rated movie, would you?

Most customers are more than willing to share basic data about themselves, so customer surveys should be the cornerstone of your fact finding mission; doing a little snooping at major blogs and forums related to your industry will help as well. You should be looking to discover things such as:

  • Professional industry
  • Their organization's profile
  • General buying habits
  • Hobbies
  • Where they live
  • Web browsing habits
  • General demographic information

2. Optimize your search engine optimization

The most popular method of driving general website traffic is designing your website using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. While good SEO techniques are great for this purpose, if it doesn't result in qualified sales leads, it is a wasted endeavor; your SEO should be optimized to target the people whose data that you have gathered, because those are the people who are buying, right?

Use the targeted data that you have acquired to ascertain what the best SEO practices are in order to guide these types of people in particular to your website.

3. Calls to action, calls to action, calls to action!

One of the best ways to drive website traffic is to create helpful blogs that provide free information to all those who visit. If you are stopping there, though, you are making a huge mistake. In order to turn those parties interested in the helpful tips that you impart into qualified sales leads, you MUST include calls to action in each and every one of your pages.

Know that your calls to action should not be a pushy request to close a sale. In order to be effective, they need to be extremely diverse. Listed below a few ways to frame your call to action phrases:

  • Offer to provide more information on the subject
  • Tell them where to buy related products (your company)
  • If the blog is related to an issue, remind them that they should seek help from a professional (one of your expert employees) as soon as possible

Along with every call to action should be a hyperlink to one of your company's sales pages.

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