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Coming up with a basic online marketing strategy for your company isn’t the most difficult thing in the world – it’s actually executing it in a successful manner that is a challenge.

For example, odds are you’ve decided to invest in content marketing. Content marketing is one of the most effective ways that you can generate leads and create brand loyalty. The vast number of businesses that have invested in online marketing have made content marketing a significant part of their strategy.

But when it comes to actually creating the content, many businesses fail to produce anything that’s insightful for their consumer base. Content has to relate to your products and services as well as your brand without coming across as an advertisement. It should also be of interest or relevant to the reader. This isn’t always easy.

Many businesses use case studies in order to create high quality and relevant content, and you should consider doing so as well.

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Case studies are basically success stories regarding your product or service. When you release a piece of content that is a case study, you focus on a specific problem that you solved by the use of your product or service. Many case studies tend to be testimonials that are based on the success of a company’s brand. The following are a few reasons why case studies are an excellent way to improve your online content marketing:

Establish expertise

The use of data, facts and figures regarding your service or product is a great way to inform readers. Not to mention that using a case study to show how your product or service was able to solve a specific customer problem is a great way to establish your expertise. By sharing conclusions that you arrived at through your case studies, you’ll be building a strong reputation for your business.

Increase brand loyalty

Case studies often help consumers solve problems that they are having that are similar to the ones you solve. Valuable content like this will helps get readers to return to your website as a resource, thereby helping to increase loyalty for your brand.

Indirectly endorse your brand

Direct endorsements are something you should stay away from when producing content. Readers do not want to hear a blatant advertisement for your product or service, and as such, this type of content doesn’t help you.  However, a case study allows you to indirectly endorse your brand. This is because you are presenting a problem and a solution to that problem, which highlights the use of your product or service. Case studies work well for indirectly endorsements of your brand, thereby helping to create more leads. They also let you highlight your products or services multiple times. You can do this by focusing on different features of your product or service that solves a different problem and generates different results.

Generate more leads

Case studies tend to be “feel good stories.” This is because they are success stories. No business is going to release a case study of a problem that they weren’t able to solve, whether it was with their product or service or not. This would go against everything that you are trying to do, such as establishing a reputation as a knowledgeable source in your industry. The case studies you release should have positive solutions that you present to customer problems – directly relating to the use of your product or service. Readers or followers who read this content are attracted to it because case studies are positive and have successful outcomes. This will result in readers wanting to learn more about the product or service, thereby resulting in more leads for your business.

When it comes to creating content for your inbound marketing strategy, case studies are a great way to establish yourself as an expert, increase brand loyalty and help to generate more leads.

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