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Sales is what drives your business. Without sales, whether it’s of your company’s products or services, you’re obviously not going to last for very long. In order to increase your sales, you need to invest in marketing. Marketing is an absolute necessity in order to drive your sales. When it comes down to it, marketing is about identifying your customers and their needs whereas sales is the act of persuading those customers that your company’s products or services will provide the benefits that they need. This means that marketing and sales go hand in hand when it comes to the survival and expansion of your business.

How Marketing Works

Marketing starts with an investment in research as your company needs to figure out who its target audience is. Once the target audience is established, figuring out their needs is the next step. A strategy also needs to be put into place in order to develop a long-term relationship with these consumers and to figure out how your products or services can meet their needs.

  • Marketing strategies – Marketing of your business should have a long-term outlook for your business. Analysis of the market doesn’t just happen overnight after all. Additionally, you need to study the products and services that competitors are offering. Because marketing must focus on developing a relationship with customers, most companies need to establish and foster these relationships through social media. This allows them to get direct feedback on their services and products from customers themselves, thereby helping to identify their needs. This direct communication also allows companies to create brand loyalty since it gives them a chance to address questions and concerns – all of which helps with establishing the needs of your customer base.

By establishing your target audience as well as their needs, you’ll be able to develop a strong identity for your brand that will attract these consumers.

How Sales Work

Sales, generally, has a much shorter-term mandate. The products and services have already been created with the customers’ needs in mind and it is now time to persuade those customers that your products and services will fill their needs. When marketing is focused on creating brand awareness and brand consideration, sales is about meeting the needs of customers and generating a decision to prefer your brand over competitors and making the ultimate buying decision.

How Sales and Marketing Work Hand in Hand

Although different strategies and tactics are involved in marketing vs sales, they do not work without one another. Marketing sets a long-term strategy for your company that helps to develop the brand. Marketing helps to establish the following:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand consideration
  • Customer loyalty

This is done via a number of different strategies, from creating an online presence through your website to social media plans to developing and testing the value of different types of content to consumers. And this hasn’t even touched on the analytics that you need to do to support your plans. Marketing is something that never stops – the needs of your consumers change and you need to keep up with their changing needs in order to be successful. This is why marketing is so important for your sales. You can’t convince consumers that your products or services will fill their needs if you don’t understand who your audience is or what their needs are.

While at a tactical level, your sales drive your business results and directly impacts your company’s profit, the effectiveness of your sales is dependent on your marketing strategies. The combination of your marketing and your sales is what will help to give your company the best chance at success.

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