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Posted by: Tyler Abbott


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Selling in today’s market can be difficult. A completely new sales process means that your sales team needs to learn totally new inbound sales techniques, and growing competition means that closing deals is more important than ever before.

You need a stellar sales team in order to be able to increase your profits and grow your business. As your most important asset, your sales team should be top priority. You should be investing in your reps—and ongoing sales coaching could be just what you need to take your team to the next level.

If your sales manager is too busy or doesn’t have the know-how, the tools, or the resources to effectively coach your team, then you might want to consider outside help: partnering with an inbound agency that offers sales enablement will not only help you to grow sales through inbound marketing but also to ensure that your sales reps are prepared to sell using inbound.

Here are some of the benefits that you’ll receive from ongoing coaching.

Maximize Potential

Sales coaching can develop and accelerate your sales team’s performance by focusing on the problems you’re having with your team and also by allowing your reps to have the guidance and support they need to make behavioural changes for the better. No matter how effective your sales people are, there’s always room for improvement. If you want a more efficient, productive, and successful sales team, then coaching can help.

A coach can define your business goals, outline workflows, and work with reps on an individual basis to achieve your objectives. A coach can create more A players in your organization by developing the strengths and working on the weaknesses of your middle reps who have potential to thrive with the right guidance—in fact, these middle reps are often the ones who benefit the most.

Sales coaching can also help your team adapt to the new sales process—a coach can offer them best practices, do’s and don’ts, and buyer expectations, as well as offer appropriate insights and guidance into today’s process as well as the trends in the market and in the industry.

Develop New Hires

Hiring in sales is more difficult than any other field. Once you’ve found great new sales people, you want to ensure that you develop the new hires’ talents immediately so that they can hit the floor running. Sales coaching can help make sure that your new hires are worthwhile investments that will generate revenue on a consistent basis, right from the start.

Increase Retention

Your top performers are critical to your company. You don’t want to lose them. With the support and recognition offered by a sales coach, you can make your best talent feel more involved in the direction of your organization and increase loyalty by showing them that they are not left to try to manage their challenges on their own.

Reduce Turnover

If your salespeople can’t close deals and are constantly facing rejection, they’re going to lose their confidence and get demoralized. And they might just leave your company because of this. But sales turnover is costly. Taking on professional development initiatives for your reps can not only demonstrate your organization’s interest in advancing your employees’ careers, but can boost confidence and strengthen morale, which can reduce turnover.

Invest in Your Reps

Sales coaching can offer measurable, positive changes within your sales team. It can maximize the potential of your current reps, ensure that new hires are properly developed, increase retention, and reduce turnover. If you want a stellar sales team, you need to invest in your sales people. Give them the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to sell better. In the end, you’ll all benefit.

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