What to Do If You Don't Have Time to Focus on Inbound Marketing

Brandon MooreBrandon Moore | February 11, 2016

What_to_Do_If_You_Dont_Have_Time_to_Focus_on_Inbound_Marketing.jpgInbound marketing takes time. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to create a solid plan. You have to create tons of content. You have to do a lot of research. And you have to keep at it, frequently, and consistently, for approximately six months before you start seeing leads trickle in. And after that, you have to keep maintaining your strategy to continue to see results.

But you have meetings to go to. You have daily responsibilities to take care of. You have paperwork to fill out. You have people to manage. You have crises to fix. When you have so much on your plate already, it’s not surprising that you might not have any time left to focus on inbound marketing.

However, if you haven’t started on the path to inbound simply because you don’t have time, you’re doing your company a disservice. You’re missing out on tons of opportunities and you’re losing your competitive edge while you’re at it. You’re falling way behind, and it’s going to have an impact on your bottom line.

In this day and age, you need inbound marketing to thrive. That’s a fact.

So how can you implement an inbound strategy when you can’t commit to the time required for success?

Engage a digital marketing agency.

Start Right Away

If you were to try to implement inbound on your own, you’d have to do a lot of research. You’d have to gain a lot of new knowledge. You’d have to essentially teach yourself to be an inbound expert. And this takes time. You’d have to spend weeks or months just learning about SEO, web analytics, web development, and content creation before you could even get started on the strategy itself.

But when you engage a digital marketing agency for help, you can start planning your strategy immediately and get it going faster than possible on your own. The agency will already have the expert knowledge required. It will have the staff members needed. It will have the inbound tools and the software. It will have a proven methodology that works. You’ll be on your way to quicker results when you engage an agency.

Create a Tailored Inbound Marketing Plan that Works

Inbound is quite complex. You can’t just use an inbound marketing plan that you find online and expect it to work—because it won’t. Your business, your products, and your goals are unique—and your plan needs to match them. You need a tailored strategy for best results. But to create one, you’d have to spend time doing competitor research, keyword research, buyer persona research, social media research, and a lot of other strategic work, and this takes time.

A digital marketing agency can help by doing this initial research for you. Don’t sacrifice quality because you don’t have the time. Get the tailored plan you really need.

Delegate the Legwork

One you have a solid inbound plan, you need to do a lot of legwork. This is the stage where many busy business owners give up. They do the work for a few weeks—writing blog content, posting on social media, sending out lead nurturing emails—but then they get busier and busier and they can’t keep up with all of the work. So all of that initial work is wasted. They give up.

Consistency and frequency are critical to successful inbound marketing. You need to keep creating and curating content every week. You need to keep interacting with customers and prospects on social media. You need to keep sending out those emails. You need to keep analyzing that data.

The good news is you can delegate all of this legwork to your digital marketing agency. You can maintain your strategy to continue to see results, without making the time commitment on your part. The best of both worlds. 

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Brandon Moore

Brandon is the Web & Digital Director at SalesHub. He is accountable for the strategic planning, development, testing, and management of websites and other digital assets for clients. Brandon has over 6 years of experience in online marketing and is certified in SEO, Inbound Marketing and Hubspot.

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