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Why You Can't Execute an Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy Yourself

Why_You_Cant_Execute_an_Effective_Inbound_Marketing_Strategy_Yourself.jpegFar too many business owners see inbound marketing as a DIY project. A side job. An easy venture that can be handled in house. After all, it’s just about creating content and posting on social media right? You can get most of the information you need to get started online. You can get cheap SEO packages, a ready-made website, and all of the knowledge you need from a quick Google search.

But time and time again, business owners have proved that it isn’t as easy as it looks. They spend time and money on strategies and inbound marketing packages that just don’t work. And it’s a complete waste, because they don’t see any real results from all of their money spent and all of their time and effort.

It’s best to get the help you need right from the start. It’s best to admit that you can’t create and execute an effective inbound marketing strategy on your own so you can get the support and guidance you need from an inbound marketing agency.

Here’s why you shouldn’t try to DIY your inbound strategy.

You’re Not an Expert at Everything

You might be a pro in your field. You might even know how to write content. You probably have a few personal social media profiles and know how to post, comment, share, and like. But in reality, you’re not an inbound expert. You probably don’t stay up to date with the industry, changes in algorithms, and new trends. You probably don’t know how to effectively use web and marketing analytics and measure results. You likely don’t know how to develop an effective website that is not only beautiful but also SEO friendly, user friendly, and functional.

Your talents are best used elsewhere. Let the inbound experts do the inbound work—the content marketing, writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web design and development, and data analysis and conversion optimization. Don’t use hit-or-miss approaches because you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a waste of time.

Inbound experts can get to work right away, because they already have the skills, experience, and education needed to create and execute a fully functional and effective inbound strategy. And all of this expert knowledge you’ll get will ensure that you see real results and a better ROI.

You Don’t Have the Time

Though inbound marketing is highly effective, it takes time before you start to see results. It’s a long-term strategy. It’s going to require a significant investment of your time to create a successful plan, write content, post on social media all the time, analyze data continuously, make changes when needed, keep your website up to date, and do everything else you need to do.

Many business owners who DIY their inbound strategy give up after a few weeks because they simply don’t have the time needed to follow through. Don’t let this be your downfall. Let the inbound experts do all of the legwork. You just have to sit back and wait for leads to roll in.

Cheap SEO Packages and Website Templates Don’t Work

The templates and packages you’ll find online might be tempting because they’re cheap, but they’re not worth it. Your business is unique. You have specific goals. You have specific challenges, opportunities, and target audiences. And a cheap SEO package or website template won’t be able to be customized to the level that you need to see real results. These cheaper options aren’t focused on your audience, they don’t allow for flexibility, they’re low quality, and they can actually hurt your business.

Make the most out of your investment and focus on quality. An inbound marketing agency will offer you the quality services you need to reach the objectives you’ve set.

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Matthew Cook

Matthew has over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. In addition to being the founder of SalesHub, he is the founder of SalesForce Search, which was #4 on Profit Magazine's Hot 50 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada. When he’s not helping companies improve their revenue he trains and competes in half ironman distance triathlons to “relax”.

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