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All Wildlife Removal Inc.

All Wildlife Removal Inc.

How We Helped a Client Close Inbound Leads with Sales Enablement

All Wildlife Removal Inc.

All Wildlife Removal Inc. is a humane wildlife removal company based in Ontario. It offers humane animal removal services with a 5- to 10-year guarantee. All Wildlife Removal Inc. has service teams with over 20 years of combined experience all across Ontario, including Toronto, Bracebridge, Woodstock, and Niagara Falls.

The company uses an effective five-part process to permanently solve its customers’ wildlife problems. Its business model was successful, as there was year-round demand for the company’s services and a never-ending list of potential customers. However, its unique value proposition wasn’t enough. The company still struggled to generate business. Its current attempts at marketing simply weren’t working.

SalesHub began working with All Wildlife Removal Inc. in July 2016. When we took on this client, we began improving the company right away with inbound marketing. While inbound marketing can no doubt transform a business, our client also required sales enablement services. By including inbound marketing and sales enablement services in our offering, we helped the company generate leads, close opportunities, and maximize profitability.

The Problem

Overspending without tracking

All Wildlife Removal Inc. was overspending on PPC ads without seeing a return on investment. The company had no way to see customer activity because it didn’t keep track of its sales data.

Outdated website

The website was outdated and cluttered, and wasn’t built to convert. It wasn’t user-friendly or visually appealing.

Inconsistent blogging and social media presence

Although the company did blog, its efforts weren’t consistent and its messaging wasn’t clear. Its social media presence was also quite limited.

Cash flow issues

Sales reps were getting paid even if they weren’t closing deals, causing undue financial pressures on the company.

The Solution

When we took on this client, we focused on improving the company with inbound marketing. The metrics proved our efforts were working—though many companies only see results from inbound three to six months down the line, All Wildlife Removal Inc. had over 30 days’ worth of home inspections booked within a week of launching its new and improved website. However, due to ongoing cash flow problems, we had to get to the root of the company’s sales problem to find a customized solution.

Optimize campaigns

We drastically reduced PPC spend and optimized the company’s campaigns. We cut PPC spend from $12,000 a month to $1,500 a month with no impact on leads.

Website redesign

We designed a new website that was built for conversion. Though we kept the existing content, we refined the messaging, re-organized the sections, and made the website more user-friendly and appealing. We also started blogging frequently to bring in leads.

Sales enablement services

We added sales enablement services—the missing piece of the inbound puzzle—to our initial offering. We implemented sales training and coaching to ensure the company’s reps were able to close inbound leads.

New compensation model

We suggested a new compensation model where sales people received a pre-determined commission amount per job order. With this new model, the company had margin and didn’t have to worry about not making payroll anymore.

Reduce headcount

The client originally had two inside sales reps triaging inbound calls. We eliminated this position and set up a VoIP phone system to reroute calls directly to sales people in the field.

Streamline the sales process

We offered our client the professional package on HubSpot plus HubSpot Sales. We set up the deals pipeline in HubSpot CRM, defined the sales process and mapped it out in the CRM, trained the staff to use the CRM and sales tools, and set up follow-up email templates for ease of use.

The Results


Within the first month, leads were up over 100%, and by the second month, they were up over 200%.


The client went from closing a mere 15% of leads to a whopping 45% of leads after sales training and coaching.


By implementing inbound marketing and sales enablement, our client's margins increased by 35%.

New leads

It didn’t take long for our inbound marketing efforts to turn into quantitative results. Almost immediately, we were generating 100 leads a month for All Wildlife Removal Inc.

Improved brand awareness

Implementing inbound marketing improved the company’s brand awareness and thought leadership.

Maximize profitability

By executing sales enablement services, we were able to improve and streamline the sales process in order to cut costs and improve results.


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