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Sales Process Audit

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We live in a culture plagued by “busyness.” We rush to various meetings and appointments, put in overtime at work, catch an evening yoga class, and somehow still find time for friends and family. Reaching maximum productivity on the job is important, but it’s just as productive to slow down and take inventory. You don’t want to get so busy at work that you neglect to put work into making your business better. Why put so much energy into something that’s just not working as well as it could or should?

Instead, take a step back. Taking an objective view of what’s going on around you can be truly eye opening—and no area of your business needs a fresh pair of eyes like your sales department.

If the above sounds familiar, don’t worry. We have all you need to get back on track (and ahead!) by conducting your own sales audit.

In this guide we will help you examine your:

  • Sales team
  • Sales rep preparation 
  • Sales compensation
  • Elevator pitch
  • Sales and marketing alignment

Download this guide to conduct your own sales process audit.