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What Is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is all about using the internet to provide valuable content to the right audience, at the right time, in the right place. It focuses on creating and sharing content that your target audience is already interested in and is already looking for. It educates, engages, and enlightens your potential prospects. It attracts, converts, and closes—far more effectively than outbound marketing.

Outbound Is Obsolete

If your current marketing strategy consists largely of outbound marketing techniques, like cold calling, mailing brochures, and placing ads in newspapers and magazines, you’ve likely seen a drop in your profits. Though these traditional marketing tactics might have worked in the past, they’re not effective anymore. People are tuning out these interruptive marketing messages. Your tactics are invisible to today’s buyers and you’re wasting time, resources, and money.


A CEO's Guide to the Future of Selling

Our whitepaper, a CEO’s Guide to the Future of Selling, examines the paradigm shift that has occurred in selling and the philosophical change that needs to happen for companies to transition to the new way of selling.

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Inbound Is Essential

Nowadays, customers want to be in charge of their purchasing decisions. They’re looking online for solutions, they’re comparing companies and products, and their getting informed before they make their purchasing decisions—before they even talk to one of your sales reps. You need a marketing strategy that is in sync with the new sales process. By embracing inbound marketing, you can sell to your prospects in the way that they want to buy, so you can increase your sales.


How to Adapt to the New Way Customers Buy

If you haven’t noticed yet, old-school sales and marketing techniques don’t work anymore. You’ve probably seen your profits plummet lately, and it’s probably because you haven’t changed the way you sell. Read this white paper to learn more how to adapt to the new way customers buy.


Inbound Is Cost Effective

Inbound marketing is far more cost effective than outbound. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on trade shows, billboard ads, or radio spots. You’re spending marketing resources on people who don’t want or need your product or service. Inbound marketing has a lower cost per lead because you’re using data to target your target audience directly. Plus, you’re focusing your sales efforts on leads that have come to you because they are already interested in what you are selling. Inbound costs 61% less than outbound. You’ll receive a higher ROI.


Why Your Website is an Investment

One of the biggest investments you can make for your business but is often overlooked is your website. Many business owners would not hesitate to hire more sales people knowing that eventually they would pay dividends. But those same business owners are often reluctant to make a big investment in their website and social media because they are unsure of what dividends it will pay in the future. Download your copy of this guide and find out why your website is an investment and an asset you need to invest in.


Inbound Is Sustainable

Using outbound marketing often leads to hit-or-miss results, while inbound is a sustainable marketing strategy that will allow for consistent lead generation, conversion, and sales growth. Your billboards, for example, will only bring in sales as long as they’re up on the side of the road. Once they’re taken down, they’re no longer bringing in money. The content you share on the internet, however, will not be going anywhere. Blogs you wrote years ago can and will still be used to bring in leads. Inbound is not a one-shot deal but a long-term, sustainable strategy that will ensure consistent results over time.


Why You Should Engage a HubSpot Partner to Help Grow Your Business

You have a vision for your company. You have a great product or service and you want to grow your business quickly. You have an inbound marketing strategy that you are implementing but somehow you aren’t hitting the targets you want. The leads aren’t pouring in like you were expecting. You understand the importance of your company’s online presence and you’ve invested in a digital marketing strategy, but you’re still not seeing a return on your investment. What should you do? Read this white paper to learn more about working with a HubSpot certified partner and how your business can benefit.


Start Selling Smarter: How to Get New Customers

If you haven’t changed the way you sell, your sales will decline. Watch this video to find out how to adapt.


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