Month: January 2021

What You Need to Know about Lead Form Extensions

What are Lead Form Extensions?
Lead Form Extensions are the newest tools you can use from Google Ads. It lets people submit a form of their information through your ad. You will be able to download their response and even manage their details. You can even have the information go straight to your CRM.
What are the pros and cons?
Since Lead Form Extensions are new, here are the pros and cons that come with them:

Increase your leads
Improve your market reach and customer engagement


Following up leads can be difficult
You need to set up a …


Avoiding Instagram’s Music Copyright Violations

Music is a great way to convey emotions and set the mood for your audience. It helps set the tone of your photos and videos. It’s also a smart way to attract people to your website or social media platform.
This year, Instagram has become stricter in its rules for incorporating music into your content. If you use music in any of your posts, you are risking your content to be removed.
Instagram has warned some of its users that they are making potential violations of music copyright laws. A common factor is the length of the music you use.
In the event you receive a warning from Instagram, make sure you respond ASAP …


Mobile-First Indexing and SEO

What is mobile-first indexing?
Mobile-first indexing is one of Google’s efforts to make websites easier to access using smartphones, all while still analyzing consumer behavior and trends. There will be an increase in traffic coming from smartphones. This will become Google’s basis for its index and rankings.
Does my website need a mobile version?
Desktop websites have been the priority of SEOs and marketers because you can add all the content you need, and it also provides all the best tools you need.
There’s no need to make an alternative version or change your website. Your content can still be …


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